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If you’ve been suffering from addiction, there is no time like the present to find the tools and resources you need for recovery. Regardless of how difficult or challenging it may be, you can obtain true freedom from substance abuse. Here at First City Recovery Center, our mission is to help you do just that!

There’s no need to wait any longer to get assistance in overcoming drug or alcohol dependence. Whether you have been struggling for a long time or you have only recently discovered this challenge in your life, we are here to help you.

At First City Recovery Center, we also acknowledge the fact that many families are unsure about what to do when a loved one is suffering from addiction. So, if someone you love is battling with substance abuse, please be rest assured that we are here for you and your family.

Our facility is ready and willing to assist all those who are dealing with the effects of addiction. We fully understand the obstacles that may arise as individuals seek treatment and recovery services. The emotional stress, the mental struggles, and the financial concerns that surround addiction rehab can be difficult to manage. But, this is why our team is standing by to offer guidance and understanding.

Now is the time to seek the help you’ve been searching for; now is the time to find hope. Reach out to our compassionate and professional staff here at First City Recovery Center today. Let us join you on your journey to a life that is totally free from addiction and its impact.

Allow our team to walk with you to a brighter and healthier future! We look forward to working with you and providing you the tools and resources you need in this new and exciting phase of your life.

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