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What AA Teaches: Coping Skills

How AA Supports the Development of Coping Skills Coping skills are one core mechanic behind how an addiction functions. Most of the time, people with […]

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Social Drinking vs Binge Drinking

Social Drinking, Binge Drinking, and Alcoholism: What Are the Differences? As researchers gain more insight into alcohol’s effect on the body, increasing numbers of people […]

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Identifying the Signs of Relapse

Relapse is a reality that many people face after leaving their rehab treatment facilities. Rehab programs typically do their best to prepare these people for […]

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Illinois Substance Abuse Hotline

It takes courage to ask for help under any circumstances. It is an especially brave choice to seek assistance for an alcohol or substance use […]

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Indiana Substance Abuse Hotline

What to Know About the Indiana Substance Abuse Hotline Unfortunately, there are many people suffering from substance use disorder in the state of Indiana. In […]

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Putting yourself first in recovery

Putting Yourself First in Recovery

The recovery process aims to transcend mere cessation from consuming addictive substances. In other words, there is a higher purpose than just stopping an addict […]

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Guide to Methadone Clinics

Methadone is a legal opioid used for both pain treatment and as a therapy for people recovering from an opioid addiction, such as one to […]

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How to Find an AA Meeting in Indiana

Alcoholics Anonymous was formed in 1935 as a group of people committed to maintaining sobriety. It’s an international fellowship that hosts meetings worldwide, completely free […]

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