Tricare Rehab Coverage for Veterans

Although it may not always be as apparent as other medical conditions, alcohol and drug addiction is a disease. Thus, individuals who suffer from substance addiction need to receive treatment to get better. Unfortunately, addiction treatment costs money.

It’s best that people use their health insurance to help cover the cost of alcohol and drug rehab. Active duty military and veterans, along with their immediate family members, can use Tricare, VACCN, and Beacon insurance at First City Recovery Center to help cover the cost of rehab.

What is Tricare Insurance?

tricare rehab coverage

Tricare insurance is a health care program for active duty service members and veterans and their family members. If you are an active duty or retired service member looking for a drug and alcohol rehab for veterans in Indiana, we can help.

Tricare Eligibility

Eligibility for Tricare substance abuse treatment coverage can vary depending on a person’s service personnel office. Typically, the people who are eligible for Tricare insurance include the following:

  • Active duty service members and families
  • National Guard/Reserve members and families
  • Retired service members and families
  • Retired reserve members and families
  • Beneficiaries for Tricare and Medicare
  • Uniformed service member survivors
  • Children of uniformed service members
  • Former spouses of deceased uniformed service members who aren’t remarried
  • Medal of Honor recipients and their family members
  • Dependent parents and parents-in-law of uniformed service members
  • Foreign force members and their immediate family members

Tricare Insurance Data and Statistics

  • Tricare insurance offers rehab coverage for approximately 9.5 million beneficiaries.
  • There are 45 Tricare military hospitals, 31 of which are in the U.S.
  • There are 566 Tricare military medical clinics, 466 of which are in the U.S.
  • There are 117 Tricare dental facilities, 94 of which are in the U.S.
  • Tricare insurance helps cover the cost of 86 million outpatient visits a year
  • Tricare insurance helps cover the cost of 865.8 thousand inpatients visits a year
  • 4 thousand births are covered by Tricare insurance a year
  • 2 million prescriptions are filled a year due to Tricare rehab coverage

What Are the Different Types of Tricare Insurance Plans?

There are various different types of Tricare insurance plans. The different types of Tricare insurance plans include the following:

  • Tricare Prime
  • Tricare PRIME Remote
  • Tricare PRIME Overseas
  • Tricare PRIME Remote Overseas
  • Tricare Select
  • Tricare Select Overseas
  • Tricare for Life
  • Tricare Reserve Select
  • Tricare Retired Reserve
  • Tricare Young Adult
  • US Family Health Plan
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First City Recovery Accepts Tricare/VACCN/Beacon

Individuals who want to know where they can receive care with their Tricare insurance should use the military health system. The military health system is a global, comprehensive, integrated system that details where military personnel can receive healthcare with their insurance. Typically, people with Tricare insurance can receive care from military hospitals or clinics, a civilian network of providers, or Tricare-authorized non-network providers.

Yes, Tricare caters to uniformed service members and retirees all around the world, along with their immediate family members. Tricare insurance separates the United States into two regions to which the health insurance company provides coverage to. These two regions include Tricare East and Tricare West.

Overseas, Tricare insurance provides care for people in three areas of one region. These three areas include Tricare Eurasia-Africa, Tricare Latin America and Canada, and Tricare Pacific.

Regardless of where Tricare members live, the benefits that they receive under their health insurance plans remain the same. There are different customer service contacts though for each of the Tricare partners.

Individuals should enroll in Tricare insurance after they know what Tricare health insurance plan they want. To enroll in Tricare insurance, go to the official Tricare insurance enrollment plan page. The Tricare insurance enrollment plan page offers guidelines on how to enroll or purchase a health insurance plan. 

It’s important to note that based on one’s duty station, active duty service members must enroll in Tricare Prime, Tricare Prime Remote, Tricare PRIME Overseas, or Tricare PRIME Remote Overseas. Tricare for Life coverage is automatic if you’re registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility System and have Medicare PART A and B.

Tricare’s dental health insurance plan is separate from any of the regular Tricare health insurance plans. Therefore, one must separately enroll in the Tricare Dental Program. The ability that an individual has to obtain Tricare vision health insurance depends on who that person is, that person’s Tricare plan, and that person’s age.

Individuals who want to enroll in or change their enrollment for Tricare Prime or Tricare Select can only do so after a Qualifying Life Event (QLE) or during the annual fall Tricare Open Season. Examples of a QLE include a new marriage, the birth of a child, or retirement from active duty.

When a uniformed service member experiences a QLE, he or she has 90 days to make eligible enrollment changes. It’s important to note that a QLE for one member of a family under a Tricare health insurance plan means that all the other members of that family may make enrollment changes.

Individuals can purchase premium-based Tricare health insurance plans at any time. Examples of premium-based Tricare health insurance plans include Tricare Reserve Select, Tricare Retired Reserve, Tricare Young Adult, and the Continued Health Care Benefit Program.

Yes, Tricare covers mental health issues, such as addiction. Additionally, Tricare health insurance covers drug and alcohol rehab. The level of Tricare substance abuse treatment coverage that a person can receive will vary depending on the rehab facility where he or she plans to receive care – along with the specific provider and health plan that the person contains.

Yes, Tricare insurance also typically covers the cost of alcohol and drug detox in Indiana. Depending on one’s insurance plan, some detox facilities that accept Tricare insurance may still require patients to partially pay for the cost of detox out of pocket. Some detox facilities may even require that patients get authorization or recommendation to detox from a doctor before receiving care.

It’s much more likely that an individual will need to partially pay for the cost of detox out of pocket or receive authorization or recommendation from his or her doctor beforehand if he or she is receiving inpatient treatment at a detox center. Depending on one’s health insurance plan and the severity of his or her addiction, though, Tricare insurance may determine that one can receive outpatient treatment for detox.

Tricare insurance will typically provide rehab coverage for inpatient rehab treatment in Indiana. This is as long as the person seeking care meets the criteria to receive inpatient treatment. To determine whether or not a person qualifies to receive Tricare rehab coverage for inpatient treatment, he or she must first speak to a representative.

There is Tricare substance abuse treatment coverage for outpatient treatment. Typically, Tricare insurance covers the cost of standard outpatient program (OP) treatment, partial hospitalization program (PHP) outpatient treatment, and intensive outpatient program (IOP) treatment.

Yes, Tricare health insurance typically covers the cost of various different forms of psychotherapy and/or mental health treatment. For example, Tricare insurance typically covers the cost of individual therapy, group therapy, marriage and family therapy, etc. Tricare insurance may even cover the cost of experiential therapy.

Tricare health insurance also typically covers the cost of numerous different types of psychological assessments. Mental health professionals use psychological assessments to help determine what types of mental illnesses that patients suffer from.

Tricare insurance plans vary in cost for care and coverage. Individuals that want to view and compare Tricare insurance costs for covered services, enrollment, and plan premiums, should consult the Tricare Compare Cost Tool.   

Find Help at First City Recovery Center

Located in Kokomo, Indiana, First City Recovery is a detox center, rehab facility, and mental health facility with a wide variety of substance use and mental health treatment programs.

FCRC is in-network with Tricare/VACCN/Beacon insurance. Thus, uniformed service members and retirees, along with their immediate family members, can use Tricare insurance to cover the cost of detox and/or rehab at our facility. To learn more about FCRC and whether or not you qualify to receive care and coverage for treatment there, contact us today.

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