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Body Dysmorphic Disorder treatment centers are a vital necessity for anybody who suffers from this serious mental disorder. That’s because even the most beautiful people can see a negative and unrealistic visual of themselves. Without the help of Body Dysmorphic Disorder treatment centers, fighting this disease alone puts many in a helpless pit of darkness. These recovery centers equip you with the knowledge, support, and therapy you need to reinforce the confidence you’ve been lacking.

It’s nearly equally vital to know all the ins and outs of body dysmorphic disorder and its causes. This enables you and your doctors to fight your struggle at the source. The following details outline everything you need to know about the disease, its causes, and how to overcome them.

What is Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

BDD treatment centers

Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD, is a mental condition that causes the sufferer to magnify bodily insecurities to unrealistic proportions. This means an individual will feel or see themselves in a light that is not accurate or exaggerated. In short, a BDD sufferer only sees the bodily features they consider to be unnatural or disproportionate. Most often how a person with BDD sees themselves is not at all accurate, regardless of the reassuring support they receive.

What Causes BDD?

There are numerous underlying factors that contribute to BDD. These factors can be emotional, circumstantial, or hereditarily inflicted. Knowing the root of your condition enables you and your doctors to attack your mental struggles at the source. Bearing that in mind, here are some of the most common causes of BDD.

An individual who is bullied about their appearance, attire, or anything at all is at high risk for developing insecurities. This, in turn, inflicts emotional damage that embeds itself into their psyche. That’s when insecurities can become an uncontrollable focus that ultimately leads to BDD.  At this point, only Body Dysmorphic Disorder treatment centers can help manage and eliminate symptoms through a BDD-specific mental training program.

Oftentimes, BDD is acquired through genetics. A person who acquires this disorder genetically has no control of this regardless of their environmental or emotional state. These genetic causes, as with all other root causes, require medical or professional assistance to keep their symptoms at bay. BDD treatment centers can help you overcome what you can’t control by giving you control of your symptoms.

Doctors who diagnose BDD will often conduct scans to detect any chemical deficiencies in the brain. That’s because any imbalances in neuronic functions can cause body dysmorphic disorder. This is a perfect example of why people with BDD often see what is not there because of the mental mirage that impedes their judgment. Body Dysmorphic Disorder treatment centers can help you restore healthy thought habits and overcome your symptoms independently.

Child abuse inflicts very serious harm in numerous ways in both the mental and physical aspects of life. This can affect the child’s self-confidence, social life, and self-worth, among other things. That’s how child abuse in any form, whether mental, physical, or emotional, can result in developing body dysmorphic disorder. If you or someone you love has had an abusive childhood, seek professional assistance at an approved First City Recovery Center location today.

What are the Symptoms of Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

Though BDD symptoms can conceal themselves very well, there are very tell-tale indicators of this disease. You just have to know what to watch for in order to take the appropriate action. The result can be the difference between saving a life. Here are a few of the common behavioral symptoms to observe in people who suffer from BDD.

It’s normal to be concerned about your appearance. However, being overly concerned about appearance to the point of being a primary focus could be an indication of BDD. This behavior consists of frequently looking in the mirror, persistently combing or brushing your hair, or other similar behaviors. This can often be mistaken as being conceited, but it’s the exact opposite. For those with BDD, it is a cry for help that should not go overlooked without action.

Avoiding mirrors can also be a symptom of BDD for the same reason excessive mirror-watching is. This is simply exhibiting the same insecurities in the opposite way. If you or someone you love avoids observing their physical appearance in an abnormal fashion, it could be a symptom of BDD.

People who suffer from body dysmorphic disorder excessively seek external approval of their appearance or attire. This is usually because they live with a poor image of themselves or severely lack self-confidence. This for many BDD sufferers is another tell-tale cry for help. This usually means they lack self-confidence or have a poor mental image of themselves.

Not all people who receive plastic surgery have body dysmorphic disorder. However, people who suffer from BDD are so unsatisfied with their appearance that they’ll desire to alter their physique surgically. This often means the individual cannot see beyond what they consider to be a physical defect. All this despite the fact that what they may consider a physical defect may not in fact be a defect at all.

Low self-confidence or sense of self-image frequently leads to deeper mental conditions such as depression. This will cause BDD sufferers to appear perpetually sad or socially withdrawn. People with BDD-induced depression may also experience suicidal thoughts or bouts of manic depression. Worse yet, those who have developed depression as a result of body dysmorphic disorder will often be near impossible to cheer up. It is vitally important to seek professional help upon observing BDD-induced depression symptoms. Doing so can be the difference between life and death.

How Do You Treat Body Dysmorphic Disorder?

All effective treatment methods for BDD are done through a trained medical professional. There is a wide range of individualized treatment options a doctor will conduct upon completing your treatment assessment process. These options consist of but are not limited to the following therapy methods.

Anybody who seeks treatment for body dysmorphic disorder will undergo a mental assessment period. This brief, yet vital process will determine your condition, its underlying causes, and the extent of your mental disorder. This process determines your method of treatment, the extent of your treatment, and the duration. Each of these processes is subject to change based throughout the course of your recovery program as determined by your progress.

The only way to properly combat your BDD symptoms is to get the proper training from a trained professional. Therapy experts will equip you with mental and physical techniques to help you fight negative thoughts about your body. Reach out to our therapy receptionist specialists to learn more about these life-changing techniques.

First City Recovery understands the most effective phase of your treatment involves listening to your opinions, concerns, and goals. Listening to you allows professionals to chart an individualized approach to your treatment. We listen to you throughout the entire process in a dedicated effort to make your treatment more effective and enjoyable. You deserve an understanding therapy professional who listens to your needs. You’ll receive that and so much more simply by reaching out today.

Some BDD sufferers may qualify for short-term or long-term medications depending on the severity and doctor recommendations. These medications are intended to help stabilize neuronic frequencies and help you manage your symptoms. If approved, this means medications can be a game-changer in helping you change your outlook on yourself. In turn, medications can help you change the quality of your life. Reach out to a Body Dysmorphic Disorder treatment center today to see if you qualify for BDD medications.

The moment you enroll in a mental health treatment program, you will have the option to go through either individual or group therapy sessions. Which one you choose is solely up to your discretion and preferences. That’s because First City Recovery gives you the freedom to chart your own recovery path. We know the most important part of your treatment progress comes down to your decisions and preferences.

The biggest part of overcoming BDD symptoms comes with redefining your own sense of self-confidence. This is achieved through a therapy training program offered at one of our approved body dysmorphic disorder treatment centers. We can help you find the solution to managing your symptoms by equipping you with mental fortitude. This means helping you see what you consider to be a defect as a part of your unique importance as an individual. Come find your self-confidence with the help of our highly-trained team.

Let First City Recovery Help You Discovery Your Uniqueness

BDD treatment centers

Every little mental and physical detail about you is a vital trait of your unique and important personality. First City Recovery understands this and we devote all our therapeutic efforts to instilling this mindset in our patients. Gain freedom from the bondage of body dysmorphic disorder and its difficult symptoms by reaching out to us today.

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